Monsters Inc

Hollywood has been re-releasing older films on 3D because converting them is inexpensive compared to new production. The studios figure the movies were such big hits the first time that people would go back to see them again converted to 3D. But it’s not quite working out that way. Ticket sales for Nemo, Phantom Menace and others were below expectations.

Monsters, Inc. is next on the 3D re-release schedule. The next two Star Wars films (prequels) are on the way too.

Are there any films you’d pay to see converted to 3D?

I went to see the converted Titanic and enjoyed it. I might be convinced to go see the original Star Wars (or “episode 4” if you prefer). I’d definitely see Close Encounters or Contact converted, since they’re my two favorite films of all time. Perhaps even a classic like Forbidden Planet. But beyond that I can’t think of any that would get me to part with the money for a more expensive ticket.