Obama and Christie

I hope the parties were paying attention. Americans like our politicians to relish bipartisanship to get things done as much as they relish the political jousting in campaigns. Barack Obama and Chris Christie didn’t change their campaign stances, but they didn’t let it stand in the way of working together with gusto when Americans needed them to.

And it’s not even much that they worked together because they had to… No, they seemed to be happy about working together. Not happy for the storm, not happy that it was such a historical catastrophe for so many because of lost lives and destroyed homes, but happy to be able to bring their individual star power to the table, cut through bureaucratic BS and actually accomplish the things their constituents needed them to accomplish.

Congress, please take note. Obstruction for the sake of obstructionism is practically treasonous as far as I’m concerned. It’s why you have historically low approval ratings – so, you know, TAKE A HINT, DAMMIT!


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