Castle goes to the final frontier

Castle is a fluffy crime procedural that is immensely enjoyable because Firefly’s Nathan Fillion is the lead.

Last night’s episode was set at a sci-fi convention, giving the writers an excuse to do some more Firefly shoutouts (we usually get a couple per season), but there were also some nice gags aimed at other great sci fi shows. And Fillion got to do a damn good Shatner impression. (See it below, along with a Picard.)

Castle made fun of the fictional “Nebula 9” show because it was “canceled more than a decade ago” and “only made 12 episodes.” He dropped a “shiny!” on us too. And when giving examples of “good” sci fi shows, he listed Trek, Battlestar, and “that Joss Whedon show.” The guest star who played “Captain Max” was an utter hoot, and all in all it was probably the most enjoyable episode of Castle ever – a love letter to sci fi fans.

Side note to the producers of Saturday Night Live – it’s time to let Nathan host.


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