My time with Dial Global has sadly come to an end, and this is one ending that hurts. DG has been like a family to me, more than any other company I’ve worked for. They treated me exceptionally well and gave me a satisfied, proud feeling at the end of each and every day.

My most recent position with them was as the creator and program director of two GoRadio streaming stations, the alternative rock Meta and the CHR/underground hits #ALLIN (as in, “all in”). I can’t even begin to describe the pride I felt at being given the opportunity – one that every program director longs for – to create a unique format and have the ability to put my own spin, my own personality into it, and to be able to program “a station that I’d want to listen to,” free of previous radio constraints.

Meta was definitely my baby. It reflected my own snarky, self-deprecating dark humor in ways I never would have imagined I’d get the chance to do. But the real success of it came from the production team of Scot Kirk working with Neal Martin and James Harness to turn some of my ideas into the most brilliant and funniest imaging I’ve ever heard online or on the air.

Dial_GlobalThe cast of GoRadio was excellent without exception, from the management of Suzy Schultz to the editorial staff in New York – Dan, Ellie, Carly, Alex, et al – to my fellow programming colleagues, Andrea Karr and one of my best friends in the universe, Gary Thompson.

Over the years Dial had also afforded me the opportunity to program a creation of Gary Thompson, a true Top 40 format called Hits Now! (with the exclamation point.) And before that I had been an air personality on their Hot AC and Rhythm Mix formats. I also got to program and produce the syndicated Nudge at Night show. All in all, a wide berth of old fashioned radio AND new media experience I wouldn’t have gotten anywhere else. Dial was a great cap to all the years of radio experience I had leading up to it.

I’m gonna miss the hell out of them all.

But I’m looking toward the future and am ready for the next big opportunity. I’ve still got my part time job as a news anchor with KFI Los Angeles, “more STIMulating talk radio,” but with years and years and loads and loads of experience programming, on air, writing, creating formats, marketing, social networking and a bunch of other stuff I can’t even think of right now.

This kind of change always produces butterflies in the pit of your stomach. But I’m ready to go butterfly hunting. Plus I hear they’re good in soup.

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