The new trailer for Spielberg’s “Lincoln” is out, and it knocks my socks off — it’s got three of my favorite things in it: history, Daniel Day-Lewis, and Steven Spielberg.

Critics are already slamming Day-Lewis’s choice to portray Lincoln with a high, soft voice. But that’s historical fact: contemporary accounts of Lincoln’s voice were that it was high-pitched and even sometimes shrill. And Lincoln was president in a time wholly unlike ours: people rarely saw or heard him — it was his words and actions alone that were reported in mass media.

But what can’t be denied is that Day-Lewis looks incredible as Abraham Lincoln. And the trailer seems to show the film will have all the elements that make Spielberg’s best movies so grand. Not to mention the fantastic supporting cast – all in all, this is one I’ll be there for on opening night.

“Lincoln” opens in limited release November 9th, and wide release November 16th.