Now that abortion is a hot topic again, some right wing Republicans are trying to be “moderate” on the question. They say they oppose abortion because it’s “murder,” but would allow it in cases of rape, incest, or danger to the life of the mother. But if they REALLY think abortion is murder, isn’t it a moral contradiction to say “murder” is okay in cases of rape or incest?

Todd Akin only expressed what the official GOP position is and has been, and he’s highlighted the corner they’ve painted themselves into with the “abortion is murder” rhetoric.

Another short circuit is when you corner someone who says abortion is murder and should be illegal, and ask them what they’d like the punishment to be for the woman who has one. Most of the time they don’t have an answer, but if they REALLY believed abortion is murder they should be able to give some kind of quick, clear answer. Some manage to say, “A fine, maybe?” Well then, that’s a person who doesn’t REALLY believe abortion is murder.

Take abortion out of the language of the question and ask someone what the legal penalty for murder should be, and the most likely answer you’ll get is death or life in prison. Certainly not “a fine, maybe?”

But there are extremists who really, really, really believe abortion is murder. They’re the ones willing to kill doctors and blow up clinics.