This was supposed to be a day to commemorate an incredible American accomplishment – and incredible HUMAN accomplishment: a human being walking on the surface of the moon for the first time. Instead…

Tonight’s “The Newsroom”

I think ‎The Newsroom hit its stride this evening. Tonight’s episode was as good as Sports Night but not quite as good as The West Wing. Yet.

While Jeff Daniels and Sam Waterston are great, the rest of the cast isn’t quite up to West Wing’s caliber, and it takes actors with a special talent to deliver Aaron Sorkin’s dialog naturally. The West Wing cast made it look deceptively easy.

Newsroom’s cast may get there, but they still have a little growing to do to hit those heights.

The Amazing Spider-Man

I won’t belabor a long review of The Amazing Spider-Man, because Richard Dickson has already covered it remarkably well. But I will say that I thoroughly enjoyed it.

I liked the Tobey Maguire movies okay, but I was never a big fan of the franchise. This version however is a big improvement over those (not so much) earlier films, for three main reasons:

1, the special effects are much better. CGI has improved over the years, and it pays off here. The swinging through city streets scenes are incredible, where before they always looked a little fake.

2, Andrew Garfield evokes far more emotion and sympathy than Tobey Maguire.

and 3, Martin Sheen.

Please, Hollywood, give us more Martin Sheen, while we still have him.

Andy Griffith could be creepy as hell…

A Face In The Crowd

Andy Griffith was much beloved as the Sheriff of Mayberry and as Matlock, but if you want to see some really fine acting and a completely creepy performance – not to mention one that spookily presages today’s modern political media pundits like Glenn Beck (remember him?) – check out the 1957 film A Face in the Crowd. And marvel at how prescient it was.