It was a heart attack-inducing moment!

I was blissed on pain meds Sunday night (recuperating from surgery), and Cecil suddenly ran screaming (as only cats can) out the open front door and attacked a stray cat that had been hanging around. They were locked in a death struggle as they slid near the edge of the 2nd floor ledge. I couldn’t grab them (because you DO NOT grab at fighting cats). Sure enough, they slid off and I heard an ugly double SPLAT on the hard sidewalk below.

I ran downstairs (which hurt like hell), picked Cecil up and brought him back inside. When I put him down he refused to let me touch him again — hissing at me if my hand got anywhere near him. He crawled under the bed and hid. I was sure he had broken something or that he was wounded somehow.

While I’m frantically trying to find an open emergency vet hospital on the eve of Memorial Day, Cecil comes out an hour later, meowing and begging for food. So I fed him and then he trotted back to the bedroom and jumped up on the bed.

Okay, so obviously nothing was broken. I’m hoping that meant he and the other cat landed on their feet. What a horrible sight – watching them slide right off the edge!

But damn — Cecil’s pretty spry for 12 years old!