Skrillex is everywhere. You hear his stuff all over TV, playing in commercials every time you hit fast forward. His stuff’s showing up in movies. He was in my fucking corn flakes this morning. I swear to God when I was getting an ultrasound he was on the monitor, dropping badass beats to the sonic warbles showing the nurse where my stones are.

And it seems like he’s teaming up with just about everybody in the music scene who want to latch onto his sounds and his freaky ass haircut.

A notable example is Korn, who’ve brought Skrills into the Kornfield on their latest album, The Path Of Totality, featuring the twisty, bendy “Narcissistic Cannibal.”

Dubmetal. Why not.

The Korn thing makes sense. Jonathan Davis, the Bakersfield, California band’s frontman, put it bluntly when he said, “Rock has been so fucking lame lately.” His answer to that conundrum was to try to tap some sounds he was digging more than the “stale” rock scene, and a natural avenue was electronica and dubstep.

“His production, his sound, and our guitars and what we do with it, it just worked, and that’s what set the ball rolling,” Davis told Rolling Stone. “Initially we were just thinking about doing a couple of songs, an EP, [but we] kept rolling with it more and more with different DJs, and it just turned into this record that took on a life of its own.”