wendys-logoThere’s an upset looming in the Burger Wars: Wendy’s is set to overtake Burger King as America’s second favorite fast food hamburger.

Number one? Oh, that’s McDonalds, of course, and they’re in no danger of losing the crown. So the big battle is for number two.

Recently, Wendy’s embarked on a big upgrade campaign, making over their restaurants and improving their burger recipes, going back to the way they USED to make them in the good old days – hot & juicy. I tried one of their new old burgers, and I gotta say, kudos Wendy’s. That’s the way to make ‘em. And America seems to think so, too. Experts predict Wendy’s will leapfrog Burger King for the number two spot sometime in 2012.

But part of me still loves Burger King. Love that flame-broiled taste. On the other hand, McDonald’s fries win for me. I’m not kidding – I used to grab a burger at a Burger King, then go across the street and get my fries from McDonalds.

But sometimes a big southwestern from Carl’s Jr. is the next best thing to sex. It depends on what kind of mood you’re in.

WeHo_HamburgerHavenIf you want something other than fast food chains though, I have to admit that the best burgers I’ve ever had in my life come from a little tiny place in West Hollywood called Hamburger Haven. Pure heaven! Grease, the way the gods intended us to eat it!

So slaughter up those cute little cows and let’s nom ourselves until we can’t nom any more! And are you worried about heart disease? Look, we’ve gotta die of something. So might as well die licking our fingers clean after devouring a hot juicy burger and letting that heavenly grease run down our chins! Damn, I am so turned on right now!