It’s happened to all of us, more than we care to admit. We’re sitting in the living room, ass flat on the couch. We get up, go to the kitchen, and then stand there… having forgotten what we came into the kitchen for.

DoorwayBlame the doorway.

Yep, that’s right. Some new scientific research is showing that because of the way our brains work, walking through a barrier like a doorway can make us forget what we walked through it for. Because our brains often compartmentalize thoughts and plans, the act of leaving one room and entering another also “compartmentalizes” what we were planning to do, and the brain pushes it aside.

Brains can be so stupid.

Here’s an article at Scientific American that explains it in more detail. Fortunately, I didn’t walk into another room to write that down.

So when you’re standing there like an idiot, unable to remember what you’re there for, blame the doorway. That, or you’re drinking too much again. Oh hey, wait a minute, THAT’S what I came in here for. To get vodka. Okay, what were we talking about?