War HorseWar Horse is wonderful. It has the feel of a classic – like one of those movies you saw as a kid and never forgot, and even when you’re grown up thinking about it chokes you up all over again.

Films like this are why I love movies. It’s always great to watch a master at work, and Spielberg puts in one of his best efforts, though parts may be difficult to watch for those of us sensitive to depictions of animal peril. This one ranks right up there with Saving Private Ryan, and a theater full of young and old had bad cases of the sniffles when the credits rolled. It’s a movie for anyone who’s ever loved horses or any kind of animal. But it’s also a gritty war drama in its depiction of World War 1, like this generation hasn’t seen.

Five stars out of five. Easy. But then again I’m a sucker for this kind of movie, and I’m a sucker for Spielberg.