J.J. Abrams’ name on a movie hasn’t disappointed me yet, and with Brad Bird (with his live-action directorial debut), they turn in the most fun impossible mission of all with Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol. The vertigo-inducing building climb sequence would win the Oscar for best action set piece if they ever gave one out – definitely the most memorable one of the year. Tom Cruise will win back a lot of Hollywood goodwill with this one, and it’s on its way to being the box office champ this weekend.

The first MI was pretty good, the second bored me to tears. The third, under the direction of Mr. Abrams, was the previous winner, but I dare say this one tops it. Fans of the original TV show get a lot more use of the Lalo Schifrin theme than the previous outings have given us, and we even get an exploding telephone gag thrown in for good measure.

Four magnetic gloves out of five. So much fun, you’ll almost think it’s summer.