In Time


Compelling concept, serviceable acting, and its message will resonate with those sympathetic to Occupy Wall Street. With the current protest climate, the producers luckily released the movie at the right time (no pun intended). A couple of unbelievable moments, like surviving a horrific car crash (and the special effects are rather amateurish in the sequence), are excusable with a bit of suspension of disbelief. Best sight gag — a “99 Seconds Only” store. The audience I saw it with gave the movie a round of applause. I give it three and a half digital watches out of five.

Nietzsche cats

When I woke up this morning I overheard the cats arguing Nietzsche. When I walked out into the living room they stopped and pretended they’d been licking their crotches all night long, humming little tunes and acting all nonchalant.

New device for the treatment of tinnitus

There’s a new device that, along with therapy, is showing promise in alleviating the symptoms of chronic tinnitus. It’ll be available to the public beginning this month. It’s called ReSound Alera TS, and it utilizes a type of white noise masking that helps to retrain the brain to “ignore” the incessant ringing.

My pro-meat mini manifesto

Here’s why I refuse to eat vegetables: because it is morally wrong to eat something that can still feel. Cooked animals, on the other hand, are dead and don’t feel anything. Plus, plants grow in the dirt, and yuck, who likes eating dirt? I think I’ve made my point. And you’re out of mayo.