This movie looks to be interesting, not just because Olivia Wilde is in it (that’s enough to get my attention), but also because the sci-fi concept is compelling: a society where time literally is money.

If the movie is as interesting as the concept, it’ll be a winner.

Timberlake and Wilde star in the upcoming Andrew Niccol sci-fi thriller, “In Time,” playing mother and son. Which makes sense in the context: the film is set in a world in which the aging gene has been halted at the age of 25, where the rich buy and trade the world’s new currency, time itself, so that they stay forever young — while the poor die at the hands of their robbed clocks.

Wilde and Timberlake, low down on the socio-economic ladder, have to fight for every minute they can; Wilde’s character, Rachel, gave birth to Timberlake’s Will and was able to survive until he caught up to her in age, but her time, it seems, is finally running out. On the flip side, Will is gifted 100 years by an “old” man who no longer wants to live — setting off wild accusations and a fight for survival.

The film hits theaters October 28th.