ATA’s Roadmap to a Cure: Guiding the Way Toward Silence

What is the Roadmap to a Cure? Simply, it’s a chart that identifies what we know about tinnitus right now and what additional information we need so that we can make progress in developing a cure. The Roadmap is a sequence of steps along four paths- A, B, C & D- that begins with finding out what is responsible for producing tinnitus and ends with a successful tinnitus treatment. Path A leads us to identify where the problem is in the brain. Path B will determine the underlying mechanism that causes tinnitus. Path C will lead us to develop a general therapy for tinnitus and Path D leads us to customizing the therapy or therapies for individual tinnitus patients.

We have highlighted some recent ATA-funded studies and placed them on the various paths they fit on the Roadmap to showcase the broad scope of tinnitus research supported by ATA.

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