More and more each day, we give ourselves over to irrationality.

The media feeds into our intellectual laziness because that’s what makes money. So we get reality shows, paranoia, sensational crime trials, fantasies about lizard people in disguise and all-powerful conspiracies pulling all the strings… All feeding into an all or nothing, black or white mentality, with no in-between.

Political debate on TV consists of, “Is too!” vs “Is not!” and it never goes deeper than that. We pronounce the death of any political campaign that can’t successfully boil its “message” down to a bumper sticker.

Presenting the balancing view means we have to get someone on the air who says, “The sun is NOT hot!” to “balance” out the view that it is.

We pay vast sums of money for art that’s nothing more than disaster porn, to see how much CGI can we use to show huge robots blowing up cities, rather than telling a story.

“We” are always good, pure, wholly innocent. “They” are always the foulest, most evil, most sinister beings ever created. No in between.

We’ve lost the ability to see human beings, and now we can only see caricatures. A clear view of reality is boring, only the fantastical, the overwrought, holds any interest for us.

Either we’ve gotten lazy, or maybe we’re just all tired, worn out, fatigued by the constant barrage of the loudest noises we can make.

Maybe, in the final analysis, being a sentient species isn’t all the great of an idea. Maybe the whole concept is self-defeating, an evolutionary dead-end, destined only to burn itself out in an orgy of violent irrelevancy. We can’t take the strain of our own self-awareness. Maybe the day we decided to come down out of the trees was our first, biggest, most fatal mistake.