What I need

I need sleep. I need to be able to experience silence again. I need more absorbent toilet paper. I need a more effective antacid. I need a Mustang convertible. I need to not lose my youth and relevance so quickly. I need fresher breath. I need a vacation. I need less stress. I need dishwasher detergent that doesn’t leave streaks. I need faster Internet service. I need some quiet. I need a time machine so I can go back to simpler times. Free gasoline for a year would be cool too.

Denis Leary on why he "hates" Michael J. Fox

Denis Leary, gearing up for the final season of “Rescue Me,” talks Michael J. Fox (who did a great guest star turn on the show) being possibly nominated for his work on “The Good Wife”:

If he gets nominated and wins that one, I’m going to his house and I’m stealing the Emmy from him. Like he needs another one! He also has, like, $600 billion in Spin City money. I hate him. He’s a talented guy and nice and successful. He’s the worst kind of friend because he’s actually the greatest human being alive. There is no way to look good standing next to him.