According to end times huckster Harold Camping, the Rapture – where all true Christians will suddenly vanish from the earth – is happening this Saturday. (Never mind all those other times he was wrong.) For Camping’s followers, how about letting me have all your money and belongings now, since you can’t take them with you and me and all the other nonbelievers are going to be left behind anyway?


Of course, not every Christian who believes in the coming Rapture thinks Harold Camping knows what he’s talking about. While they may not set a date like Camping has (several times), they do fervently believe that some day, they and all other true Christians will suddenly disappear right before our very eyes… and what’s more, this could happen at any moment.

I have a question for these people: If you really, really believe that at any moment, without warning, you could suddenly go poof, why the hell do you ever get behind the wheel of a car? Or pilot an aircraft? Or drive a bus?

Don’t you care that your sudden disappearance will cause untold death and destruction? Don’t you care that your suddenly pilotless plane or suddenly driverless bus could kill and injure many men, women and children? Don’t you care your suddenly driverless car will run up on the sidewalk and mow down some poor pregnant woman?

Or do you not care because those left behind are going to burn in hell anyway, so they’re not worth one ounce of your concern?

If you really, really believe you could be Raptured away at any instant, that is. Maybe you don’t really believe that.