Thanks to Netflix (whenever the streaming would work) I’ve managed to cycle through the entire run of the reimagined Battlestar Galactica, one of the finest television shows ever made.

During its original run, interrupted by long months in between seasons (or half seasons), parts of the threads of the story were lost to me. But this time, being able to watch them all in just a few weeks, the story held up much better than I remembered… Even the turn to mysticism in the final season seemed to make more sense in context.

I was hooked from the opening moments, but I love it even more after the second viewing. Truly a television masterwork, and some of the best writing I’ve ever seen put on any screen, large or small.

But Netflix viewers, beware: the versions they stream are apparently edited for syndication. You’ll notice the cuts especially during the recaps at the beginning of each episode (“Previously, on Battlestar Galactica…”) because you’ll see bits of dialogue that had been edited out.

The edits are most maddening in the finale – entire scenes have been excised, some of them quite vital to the story. Because of that, buying the entire show on disc (with the unedited & unrated version of the finale) has now been put on my to-do list.

Can somebody loan me 250 bucks?