Netflix has decided to convert more of their customers to streaming, and try to step away from the DVD-by-mail business model. They’re doing this by raising the prices on the disc business, but offering a streaming-only plan that’s much cheaper.

That’s all well and good. I get it. I know as well as anyone this is the wave of the future.

My problem is that, while I do partake of Netflix streaming, the quality is slightly less than an old-fashioned DVD. But for those of us who rent Blu-ray discs, there’s no way, at least right now, that streaming can match the quality of the ultra-pristine, ultra-clear, ultra-sharp Blu-ray.

I’ll be hanging on the the old disc-by-mail option until streaming gets closer to that quality.

3 thoughts on “Netflix

  1. Cro

    The other issue is they are still woefully behind on their streaming selections. I might even consider the online-only option if they offered any of the movies I actually wanted to watch!

  2. Christian

    Honestly, I have more streaming options than they do on my personal streaming server. Newer items too.

    Netflix, while cool in concept, is lacking in execution.


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