Celebrity auction to raise money for the American Tinnitus Association

ATA’s celebrity memorabilia auction now has special items available for bidding from Steve Martin, legendary actor, tinnitus sufferer and ATA supporter! Check it out and become a part of this exciting auction with 100% of all proceeds dedicated to tinnitus research.

ATA 2010 Celebrity Memorabilia Auction | American Tinnitus Association


Auction items will begin going on sale on Monday, November 22 and will continue to be posted every day throughout the week. Below you can get a preview description of what we will be offering. Be sure to check back to see when the auction items go live and to link directly to their individual eBay


Netflix has decided to convert more of their customers to streaming, and try to step away from the DVD-by-mail business model. They’re doing this by raising the prices on the disc business, but offering a streaming-only plan that’s much cheaper.

That’s all well and good. I get it. I know as well as anyone this is the wave of the future.

My problem is that, while I do partake of Netflix streaming, the quality is slightly less than an old-fashioned DVD. But for those of us who rent Blu-ray discs, there’s no way, at least right now, that streaming can match the quality of the ultra-pristine, ultra-clear, ultra-sharp Blu-ray.

I’ll be hanging on the the old disc-by-mail option until streaming gets closer to that quality.

Lonely as a boat

some comedy, lonely as a boat
and wave after wave washes over me
with the weight of more than half the world
bound up in the sea

there’s a fire on the shore, and what’s more
a stranger’s eyes watch incredulously
my sails’ flap and flutter
hands on hips, don’t know her, could be anybody

digs her feet in the sand, calls out
“all your years have slept with despair!
come home now, there’s nothing out there!”
she’s graced with fair face and raging ragged smile

sunrise, and colors of the deep assemble
light up the emptiness of my nets
could this lost sailor dare dine with you?
sail home, sail home, lost and lonely boat


Celebrity auction–please give!

The American Tinnitus Association is having a celebrity auction to help raise money for critical research and a cure. Many items donated by Steve Martin, William Shatner, Al DiMeola, Paul Oakenfold and others. Check out the website and help if you can —


Personal Message from William Shatner:

“Regardless of the characters I portray on TV and on the big screen, my tinnitus once buried me in a negative place where many of you are now – or have been. Believe me when I say, ‘I’ve been there.’

“The harsh reality of tinnitus has robbed silence from the lives of nearly 50 million Americans. Whether you hear it in your ears or in your head tinnitus means the same thing – noise that does not go away. But know this: you do not suffer alone.

“My tinnitus began while I was filming the Star Trek episode “Arena.” I was standing too close to a special effects explosion and it resulted in tinnitus. There were days when I didn’t know how I would survive the agony. I was so tormented by the screeching in my head I really thought I would not be able to go on. But then a ray of light burst into my life – the American Tinnitus Association. The help they gave me literally saved my life.

“ATA works with the best and the brightest scientists throughout the world who are investigating this terrible condition. What’s unique about ATA is that they give us all the opportunity to do something about tinnitus; they make it possible for ANYONE to contribute and support research that is moving us toward a cure.

I believe we CAN achieve this goal! I encourage you to join me in making a generous donation to the American Tinnitus Association. Its dedicated staff and volunteers are here for us today, helping us live with our tinnitus and supporting innovative research. Eventually, they will bring the good news of silence back into our lives. We must band together on this journey to help fund our critically-needed association so that one day, not one single person will ever have to bear the agony and distress of tinnitus.

“From the bottom of my heart … thank you for your help.”

The Daily Show takes on Glenn Beck

Last night’s episode is probably the best ever.

Part one of “The Manchurian Lunatic”:

The Daily Show With Jon Stewart Mon – Thurs 11p / 10c
<a ="George Soros Plans to Overthrow America
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Part two:

The Daily Show With Jon Stewart Mon – Thurs 11p / 10c
<a ="The Manchurian Lunatic
Daily Show Full Episodes Political Humor Rally to Restore Sanity