It’s been a long road. I get dizzy when I look back. Sometimes the way ahead feels like it’s getting darker and more treacherous, while the way behind seems more brightly-lit.

I’ve been reconnecting with things in the past recently, and it’s begun to seep into my dreams.

Last night I think I had a series of dreams where I was back in old haunts in central Florida and along the Treasure Coast. The weird thing was, everything was different than the way it really was. However, in my dream, I “knew” that it was right. Buildings were different, places had changed, but in my dream it all seemed right.

But some of the people were the same, and it seemed like the dream reality all centered on them, revolved around them somehow.

When I woke up it took me a few minutes to separate the real bits from the fake. And even now the buildings and places are fading, but the people remain.