I was just out on my weekly VLW (Very Long Walk). I was accosted on the sidewalk by an Orthodox Jewish man, full regalia, beard… but he talked like a biker. But hey, this is L.A.

Anyway, he explained that as it’s the Sabbath, he can’t turn his a/c on, and his home is getting pretty hot and his family is about to have dinner. He explained that they’re forbidden to start any device powered by electricity, so would I please come into his home and turn it on for him.

Sure, I said — I’m about as goyim as can be. And agnostic — no religious laws for me to break. “Thank you!” he said.  “I wouldn’t have done gone into a stranger’s house — I might be a serial killer, after all.”

I replied, “Well, I’ve had a long life, so whatever. On the other hand, I might be a serial killer.” He laughed.

Anyway, I went inside and turned his air conditioner on for him. His family applauded me and I thought, “I should start a business. In this neighborhood I’d clean up.”