Remembering Orson

orsonshoulderA year ago today, my best buddy Orson passed on after a rough couple of weeks of a sudden illness. He went in his own time, chose to pass over while still at home. After a final difficult night, he tried to lift his head to take a last look at me — he couldn’t raise it on his own, so I helped him. And then he took his journey.

God better be walking him every day and giving him treats. If I find otherwise, God and I will step outside and have words.

Dial Global still on top

Still workin’ it, baby!

From Media Week:

Once again, Dial Global dominated the latest network radio ratings, sweeping the top three positions in both Adults 18-49 and Adults 25-54.

The ratings for the 53 networks measured by Arbitron and released Monday (Sept. 20) cover the period June 25, 2009 through June 23, 2010.

For 20 surveys, Dial Global has bested the heritage radio networks in RADAR, Arbitron’s network radio ratings service. In the latest report Dial Global’s Contemporary Network was No. 1 in Adults 18-49 and 25-54, followed by Complete FM Network and Adult Power.

Good deed of the day…?

I was just out on my weekly VLW (Very Long Walk). I was accosted on the sidewalk by an Orthodox Jewish man, full regalia, beard… but he talked like a biker. But hey, this is L.A.

Anyway, he explained that as it’s the Sabbath, he can’t turn his a/c on, and his home is getting pretty hot and his family is about to have dinner. He explained that they’re forbidden to start any device powered by electricity, so would I please come into his home and turn it on for him.

Sure, I said — I’m about as goyim as can be. And agnostic — no religious laws for me to break. “Thank you!” he said.  “I wouldn’t have done gone into a stranger’s house — I might be a serial killer, after all.”

I replied, “Well, I’ve had a long life, so whatever. On the other hand, I might be a serial killer.” He laughed.

Anyway, I went inside and turned his air conditioner on for him. His family applauded me and I thought, “I should start a business. In this neighborhood I’d clean up.”

Inside Man

I know you know I know you know
but I’m always one know ahead
I’m lying about not lying about not lying
but I might be lying about that
I’m always one lie ahead

Your smiles are games
you don’t know that I know that
I know sure as hell which well you’re dipping in tonight
and I’m playing you for a fool
by playing your fool
I’m always one fool ahead.  

I’ve got eyes in my ties
and mics in your beer
let’s drink and smile and smile and drink
we’re all friends here but
I’m always one friend ahead.

Stories I start and never finish

And that’s when the effect walked in. “Oh, I know well the smell of a urine-soaked mattress,” she said, and I decided right then and there I wasn’t going to let that conversation continue by asking her HOW she knew it so well.