A note to the media

President Obama appearing on The View today (in a show taped yesterday) is NOT the first time a sitting president has appeared on a daytime TV talk show. President Bush and First Lady Laura Bush appeared on Dr. Phil in September 2004.


Inception is one of the greatest films I have ever seen. A jar full of awesome with a fountain spewing WIN out of it. 5 totems out of 5! EVERYONE was walking out of the theater arguing about the ending.

The end of civilization

Fox News is covering how the bad world economy is eating into the run of the bulls in Pamplona, Spain, and how, apparently, this is all Obama’s fault.

CNN is covering an economic story with “balanced” experts — one says everything’s going to be okay, the other says we’re all going to die. No facts.

And MSNBC has live coverage of Lindsay Lohan’s court hearing.

No, I’m not making that up.

The heartless, the clueless, and the confused

Paul Krugman has written a very good editorial. I don’t necessarily agree on every single point, but the overall message is one everyone needs to hear.

I tried to share this on Facebook, but inexplicably is refuses to allow me to link to it. So I’ll post a link here with some excepts. Read the whole thing. It’s good for you.

Punishing the Jobless


There was a time when everyone took it for granted that unemployment insurance, which normally terminates after 26 weeks, would be extended in times of persistent joblessness. It was, most people agreed, the decent thing to do.

But that was then. Today, American workers face the worst job market since the Great Depression, with five job seekers for every job opening, with the average spell of unemployment now at 35 weeks. Yet the Senate went home for the holiday weekend without extending benefits. How was that possible?

The answer is that we’re facing a coalition of the heartless, the clueless and the confused. Nothing can be done about the first group, and probably not much about the second. But maybe it’s possible to clear up some of the confusion.

By the heartless, I mean Republicans who have made the cynical calculation that blocking anything President Obama tries to do — including, or perhaps especially, anything that might alleviate the nation’s economic pain — improves their chances in the midterm elections. Don’t pretend to be shocked: you know they’re out there, and make up a large share of the G.O.P. caucus.

By the clueless I mean people like Sharron Angle, the Republican candidate for senator from Nevada, who has repeatedly insisted that the unemployed are deliberately choosing to stay jobless, so that they can keep collecting benefits. A sample remark: “You can make more money on unemployment than you can going down and getting one of those jobs that is an honest job but it doesn’t pay as much. We’ve put in so much entitlement into our government that we really have spoiled our citizenry.”

Now, I don’t have the impression that unemployed Americans are spoiled; desperate seems more like it. One doubts, however, that any amount of evidence could change Ms. Angle’s view of the world — and there are, unfortunately, a lot of people in our political class just like her.

But there are also, one hopes, at least a few political players who are honestly misinformed about what unemployment benefits do — who believe, for example, that Senator Jon Kyl, Republican of Arizona, was making sense when he declared that extending benefits would make unemployment worse, because “continuing to pay people unemployment compensation is a disincentive for them to seek new work.” So let’s talk about why that belief is dead wrong.

Read the rest here.