Following up on my initial thoughts from last night.

The other operative coda, all through the show, and that found resonant echo in the finale, was

“See you in another life, brother.”

The producers opted to go less toward giving us a rote recitation of all the answers we’d been waiting for (though we got some) and more toward giving us comfort and inspiration…

much like we all need in the face of death.

Think of the question, “Why are you here?” and all the permutations of that.

Who’s asking the question?

And which (if any) of the following are correct answers?

“I’m here to fix your TV.”
“I’m here because God has a plan.”
“I’m here because my mom drove me.”
“I don’t know.”

Answering every single mystery with a neat little answer – like some fans are apparently upset with the lack of – would have sucked all the wonder out. I rather like that the story is going to stay with me for a long, long time.

I liked it. And I like it even more this morning.


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  1. Is every little thing explained in life? Do we get to the end and God shows up and says, “By the way, here's why you stubbed your toe back in '87. And all that deja vu stuff? Damned if I know.”?

    It's not that we don't always get answers we like. It's that sometimes we don't get answers at all. That's life.


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