Five asses out of five!

kickassKick-Ass is an absolute winner that hits on every joke and every action sequence, with spot-on and completely appropriate nods to the 1960’s Batman TV show, Big Bang Theory, and not at all a small nod to Quentin Tarantino. Every performance, from the bit parts to the leads, from the heroes to the heavies, scores in completely realistic fashion. And there’s a sweetness hidden at the center of all the comic-book and nerdy high school action.

Heads up: Despite the comic-book nature of the plot, it is very violent. The violence is not sanitized cartoon-fashion, and has very real, and real-life, consequences.

KickAssHit_Gir 2nd heads up: While there are terrific performances from everyone, the movie is unquestionably and irrevocably stolen by an 11-year-old girl. Chloe Grace Moretz gives an iconic performance that will register for a decade.

Hell yeah, count me in for the sequel.

(Bonus heads up: The trailer for The A-Team scored with the audience. I have to confess — I was not a fan of the TV show, but I’ll be in line for this one.)


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  1. While I can't condone violence or eleven year old girls swearing I have to agree it did what it set out to do.
    I was impressed by KA saying somebody has to stand up and do something. Nick Cage is totally into his part.
    I went to this show on the strength of the Vaughan interview by Carson Daly. Great talent!


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