At LAX. The crushingly emptiest of feelings. I am in the loneliest herd of cattle. Woman at fast food counter arguing that their medium isn’t medium enough. I exist solely to keep an eye on my bags at all times.

Radiohead’s “Let Down” plays in my head, a perfect soundtrack. “Someday I am gonna grow wings, a chemical reaction, hysterical and useless…”

Two pornstars in short shorts spice up the scenery. I neglect to mention how I know them.

Health reform opponents threaten to kill children

Some opponents of health care reform are threatening to kill the children of lawmakers who voted for reform.

Assassinate is the word they used…toward the children of lawmakers who voted yes.”

Repo Men

Repo-Men-PosterRepo Men is worth the ticket price for Forest Whitaker, whose performance is better than the movie itself.

That said, it’s not a bad flick. I saw all the plot twists coming a mile away, but it was still fun getting there, and in addition to Whitaker’s fantastic performance, Jude Law and Liev Shrieber are very good too.

It’s basically a very good B-movie elevated by the actors. In a future world, your failing organs can be replaced by “artiforgs,” artificial organs that are efficient, dependable,  guaranteed… and expensive. But the interest rates are killer. Fall behind on your payments, and The Union sends the repo men to repossess your organs, and they’re not very careful whether you’re alive or dead when they do so.

The action sequence at the end is a bit too cartoony and over the top compared to the grittier sequences that come before… but without giving it away there’s a reason for that and it does serve the plot.

There’s one gut-busting laugh out loud bit involving a medical procedure that’s so funny it almost seems out of place… but only almost.

All in all, not a bad way to spend a Saturday afternoon with a bucket of buttery popcorn, perhaps giving some new business to The Union.

Jon Stewart gets inside Glenn Beck

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The particles of the future

The particles of the future
are in constant random motion
until we meet them.

The particles of the past
move in memories, refracting
when we look back.

Only the present
is deathly still.


Something woke me up before it hit. I don’t know what.

But the next thing I knew, it felt like my bed had run over a huge pothole at 65 mph. It was a pretty big jolt, followed by two or three seconds of a slight rolling.

The USGS says the epicenter of the 4.4 magnitude quake striking at 4:04am was in Pico Rivera, a few miles away from my apartment.

I got out of bed and got dressed just in case it was a foreshock. And because this is the 21st century, the first thing I did was log on and tweet it. It was fun seeing which of my friends had also been jolted out of bed.

Cecil the cat was pretty relaxed through the whole thing. His main comment seemed to be, “Now that you’re up, feed me.”

Car batteries and James Thurber

Had to get a car battery today, so I went to Sears, inside a mall. While they worked on the car I decided to waste some time walking through the mall, something I haven’t done in about three years.

No bookstores. There used to be two in that mall, but they’re gone. Apparently they both closed and moved out a couple of years ago.

So I went across the street to Borders, to do some browsing and waste some more time.

There was an appalling lack of Arthur C. Clarke in the science fiction section.

I was thinking about Keith Olbermann’s dad passing away, and Keith talking about how he read James Thurber’s short stories to him. So I decided to hunt a good Thurber collection down. Couldn’t find anything on the shelves, so I went up to the pretty young thing behind the counter.

“Do you have any Thurber collections in stock?”

“I’m sorry, who?”

“Thurber, James Thurber.”

She looked confused. “And how do you spell that?”

I did a silent facepalm.

But she was hot, so who cares.