Avatar = win. I know James Cameron gets no respect, but the bottom line is that he hasn’t made a movie that failed to entertain me. The director’s cut of The Abyss is still his best in my opinion, and Avatar is another winner. Yes, the story is old, but the spectacle more than makes up for it. Zoe Saldana did the best acting in the flick, even though you never actually see her. See it in 3D. Don’t wait for the DVD.

Will it “change the way you see movies” as the hype-line says? Perhaps. At the very least, it will make you realize that given enough money there’s nothing they can’t put on screen anymore. Anything, any book, any story, any wild imagining, can now be shown.

The Grove L.A. = fail. Making people stand in line, in the cold, when there was no crowd, and then letting everyone in too late to get snacks. Big, big fail.

Hot 19-year-old chick sitting next to me = win.

Hot 19-year-old chick sitting next to me calling me “sir” = massive fail.