The future of radio is coming. is working with Ford and other car companies to bring free in-car streaming to your dashboard.

[…] Pandora chief technology officer Tom Conrad announced at the SF Music Tech Summit that about half of Pandora users are already experimenting with DIY methods of playing Pandora music in the car–via cell phones and other gadgets, SlashGear reports. As a result, Pandora is now working with several car manufacturers including Ford (which pioneered the excellent Ford Sync system) to develop hands-free controls for these devices.

In the long term, the report said that Pandora aims to become part of a car’s entertainment system, with the “subscription” for the streaming service included in the purchase price of the car itself. (Hear that, Sirius XM?)

There’s no timeline yet, but the potential to rival and even beat existing satellite and terrestrial radio is certainly there. More to come at CES.

As I (and a lot of other people much smarter than me) have been saying for a long time, we in the broadcast industry need to stop thinking in those terms, and start thinking more about the “content delivery” industry, be it over the air, through cable wires, or, most importantly, wi-fi.