big_bang_theory A very big thank you to David Gerrold for inviting me to Tuesday night’s taping of Big Bang Theory at Warner Brothers.

BBT is one of those shows that’s criminal of you not to be watching. But not to worry, if you’re not, everyone else is: It’s the number one comedy on television right now, and deservedly so.

KOST’s Bryan Simmons came along and, as a fellow Trekkie, was excited to spend time with Mr. Gerrold, especially for lunch at Bob’s Big Boy in Burbank before the taping, where the famous Trek alum and sci-fi luminary regaled us with true Trek tales.bbtpasses

The BBT episode we saw taped is holiday themed, with special guest Christine Baranski returning as Leonard’s mom, and it promises to be one of the funniest yet. (Sheldon gets a big surprise at the end.)

Even better, we got to hang out backstage after the show and meet the stars, the writers and the producers. Tres cool.

Bottom line, Penny (Kaley Cuoco) is about a hundred billion times hotter in person than on TV.


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  1. Sounds great, but…please tell me I'm overreacting if I think the “big surprise” is anything hookup related…please no…

  2. It is, but not in the way you're thinking and I imagine you'll be quite pleased by Sheldon's reaction based on your comment.


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