I can understand how disconcerting it is to consider the prospect of NO LONGER BEING. We can’t even imagine “not being.” It’s just about impossible. My Christian friends tell me the prospect of no longer existing should be a frightening one (so I should make myself believe in talking snakes, talking donkeys, and dudes living inside fish bellies, so as to avoid it), but I think of it this way:

I did not exist and was not aware for the billions of years before I was born, and I don’t seem to have had any problems with it. I imagine that it’ll be much the same for the billions of years after I’m gone.

But here’s another thought to consider: Because our consciousness can ONLY be aware of its own existence, perhaps the final few moments of awareness will appear — as an illusion from our point of view — to stretch on and on into infinity, where in reality we will actually be “gone.” But to us, time may appear to stretch that final moment onward — our awareness perhaps like a tape that slows down and stops on that one, final note. To the outside world, the tape has stopped and there is no more music, but to the tape, it’s still playing that last note forever.

That’s why it’s best to die banging a hot chick.