Orson’s one brave dog.

DSC03230The new vet in Orange County examined Orson yesterday, and after an x-ray of his heart showed that it was normal, the vet indicated that it’s really looking like his liver is failing. So he performed a test on the liver and also on his lymph nodes.

The three possibilities when all this began were heart disease, liver disease or cancer. And – though it sounds strange to say – we were hoping for heart disease, because that was the most treatable.

So my heart sank on news it was his liver.

The vet expedited the tests, and at 7:30 this morning I found out that Orson’s liver was okay! It’s not his liver. The vet said he was stumped because he was sure that it was a liver problem.

That leaves cancer. We’ll have the results of the lymph test by 2 this afternoon. If it’s not cancer, then this all goes back to being a mystery.

The little soldier is very weak this morning, having barely eaten anything for days. The vet is concerned that we’re still having problems getting him to eat.


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