Glenn Beck is ratcheting up the paranoia. He was on with Bill O’Reilly the other night, complaining about all the advertisers who have pulled out of his show after he called the president a racist and said that Obama hates white people (which I assume includes the white members of his own family).

Then Beck went for the “They’re taking away my right of free speech!” whine.


Alright, Glenn, let’s talk about free speech. You seem to be forgetting that the advertisers have freedom of speech too – they can decide for whatever reason whether or not to advertise on your show. And let’s not forget that Americans whom you offend have free speech too – they can call for boycotts and call you a doo-doo-head and ask Fox News to fire you. That’s freedom of speech too.

But let’s look at Beck’s idea of free speech. He seems to be equating free speech with his “right” to have a cable show with a lot of viewers and advertisers, and if his show is taken from him, his free speech rights would be “violated.”

So for Beck, free speech = big cable show.

Okay. So here’s what I’m going to do. I’m going to call Fox News and demand they give me a big cable show, preferably a spot right next to Beck.

If Fox turns me down (and I’m sure they will), then I’m going to start screaming rudely and incessantly how they’re VIOLATING MY FREEDOM OF SPEECH! (as defined by Glenn Beck.)

Thank you, Glenn, for this new and extremely interesting definition of freedom of speech. Our founding fathers intended for all Americans to have big cable shows with lots of advertisers. They’d be rolling in their graves if they knew Kraft had decided to not hawk their macaroni & cheese on your show.

It’s just so amusing, because I seem to remember this alternate universe where right wing pundits called for boycotts – and some called for the arrest – of the Dixie Chicks when they criticized President Bush. And some of those pundits were on Fox News! Couldn’t have happened. Why the hell would they try to “take away their freedom of speech”?