Back in the Bush days, they had these things called “free speech zones” at his events, where all those who disagreed were “allowed” to congregate and “exercise” their free speech “rights”… behind fences or barricades, and out of sight of media and cameras. And of course, out of sight of everyone else attending the event.

Nowadays we have people bringing guns to health care town halls and appearances by President Obama. Here’s a terrific idea – let’s set up “2nd Amendment Zones” where everyone carrying a gun will be “allowed” to congregate and “exercise” their gun rights!

And for safety’s sake, these “gun zones” should be inside bullet proof rooms, like, say, a trailer or something. You know, in case they want to start shooting each other.

And of course, before we let them out, we’ll require they show their original birth certificates… Long form, mind you!

And if they can’t produce their original birth certificates – why, they’ll stand before the… (duh duh DUUHHHHHHH!) Death Panel!