I like the weird stuff

Placebo is a band that should be much bigger in the US, but alas.

Here’s the French version of their song “Protect Me From What I Want” along with a video that’s a clip pulled from MirrorMask.

Here’s the full-length English version of the song.

Conspiracy theories make me laugh

Whacky conspiracy theory of the week: Governor Mark Sanford, returning from a trip in which he claimed to be doing someone, er, I mean, something exotic, was behind the deaths of Michael Jackson and Farrah Fawcett, so that coverage of them would take his peccadillo off the front page.


And Gov. Mark Sanford returns from his “adventure trip” to Argentina and tells us he’s been having an extramarital affair with someone there. And of course, there’s all the requisite Christian-speak, which almost ALWAYS comes along with admissions of affairs. (Odd, that. How come admissions of affairs, or hookers, or blow, always seem to make the confessor ten times more religious right there in the press conference?)

Okay. Is there a GOP hopeful for 2012 who has NOT had an affair? Bueller? Bueller?

Mark Sanford

So this morning, after his wife told us he “had to get away from the kids to write something” (on father’s day), and his staff told us he was hiking for five days on the Appalachian Trail (on hike naked day), he’s telling us he actually went to Argentina on an “adventure trip.”

Without telling anyone. Without leaving anyone else in charge of the executive.

The more stories they tell us, the weirder it gets. How long until the words “hookers & blow” start cropping up?