Ain’t no place for a bathroom break in this one! All due respect to the other movies, this one was more enjoyable than any other Trek film. The action was nonstop, and it seems to me there were more genuine beats of humor and emotion than in any other Trek movie. Seeing a younger cast bring Trek to life is something, forgive me, that no other Trek movie has been able to accomplish, since each previous film featured a cast already aging beyond their roles.

Nearly the entire cast was perfect in giving new life to familiar characters. And the ones who didn’t quite make it there did well enough. Special kudos to Chris Pine, Zachary Quinto and Karl Urban. (Simon Pegg’s Scotty is there strictly for comic relief, but it works. Zoe Saldana’s Uhura… well, Uhura has more to do with the plot than the character ever had before.) And I have to say I think taking a character that almost was never known (Captain Pike) and making him the moral center, the inspirational impetus, a father figure for Kirk, was a smart move. He gives one of the best speeches in the first part of the film. Bruce Greenwood brings it home. I’d kind of like to see more of him.

And yeah, Leonard Nimoy is in it. I won’t give it away by saying too much about him. But yeah, he gets several applause moments.

The bad guy? Not quite Khan level, but he services the plot all it needs, since this movie isn’t about the bad guy — he’s just there to kick the story along. The movie is about meeting our favorite, iconic characters for the first time, again. If Abrams & company are smart, the NEXT one should be about the bad guy, the same way the Dark Knight was about the Joker.

Nitpicks? Yeah, a few. But the thing is, the movie was so much fun that I really didn’t give a shit about the problems with it. There are some logical inconsistencies, some spatial inconsistencies, and so forth, but I absolutely did not care.

The special effects by far blow away anything in any other Trek, but we expected that.

A sci-fi masterpiece? No. Just a really, really good sci-fi action piece with all the familiar elements reincarnated (not just re-imagined) for the next generation. This really isn’t your father’s Star Trek, as the adline goes.

I will be seeing it again next week in IMAX.