DSC03256Cecil is my 9 year old tuxedo cat. For the last few years, he’s been skittish around new people, and especially around other animals. In fact, when I first got Orson the Famous Maltese Puppy, he hid for 4 days.

I was walking Orson yesterday, and when I got back to the apartment building my neighbor had her new puppy outside. The term puppy doesn’t do this dog justice – since she’s still just a puppy but she’s already the size of a small house… and VERY rambunctious. Moose is her name – good name.  Great dog, very playful, excited about everything like a little kid.   Naturally, she wants to play with Orson, which freaks him out because he’s about a tenth of her size.

So Orson runs into my apartment to get away… and Moose follows! I figure Cecil inside is going to freak out and hide for WEEKS.

I was wrong.

Cecil came FLYING out of the bedroom and attacked Moose. He jumped on her back, wouldn’t let go. Moose comes running out and I try to shut the door, but Cecil lunges at the door – wants to get out and go after Moose! I’ve never seen him do that before.

Either Cecil was protecting Orson or his home, who knows. But he’s been strutting around the apartment ever since.


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