New flu strain even more dangerous

A REAL concern is that there is a new flu strain, far worse than swine flu. The worry is that it’s on its way to America.

Scientists theorize this new strain originated in Chinese martial arts schools. They’re calling it Kung Flu.

L.A. has the dirtiest air in America. Stop breathing now.

According to the American Lung Association, the Los Angeles-Long Beach-Riverside region is the metropolitan area with the highest levels of ozone pollution in the country.

The cure for all our problems

With the world in a tailspin – swine flu, economic meltdowns, 2 ongoing wars, and the Taliban close to getting their hands on Pakistan’s nukes, I’ve found a cure for everything.

Ladies and gentlemen, cast aside all your worries. I give you…

Kitteh vs fan!

Another sad day for radio

All Access and Radio & Records are reporting yet another round of layoffs at Clear Channel today – 590 positions eliminated. Right now it looks like a lot of people in administrative and programming. Just this past January, CC had eliminated 1,850 positions.

BREAKING NEWS: Specter switches to Democrat

Republican Senator Arlen Specter makes waves this morning, with sources saying he’s switching to the Democratic Party. Once Al Franken is seated, that’s 60. Specter will be placing himself squarely in the “conservative Democratic” camp.

Specter is facing a tough re-election, challenged by a harder rightwing Republican, and it looks like this finally pushed him over to the Democratic way.