Tom is an asshole Some of you may have caught my tweets (that’s twitter-speak) and bulletins about MySpace, and you may be wondering what the hell happened and why I suddenly have an all-consuming hatred of it.

It didn’t happen overnight. For the last couple of years, MySpace has been horribly unreliable. Often the service just wouldn’t work. Any link you clicked on, or anything you were trying to do, was “out of service,” and I lost count of how many error messages I had to sit through.

Then, it started crashing browsers. IE, Firefox, it didn’t matter.

What pushed me over the edge was when I found out that when I posted a link to my personal blog – – MySpace blocked the link.

They didn’t just block it. They linked it to a NASTY warning that my link was a malicious website, and called me – I’m not kidding — “head lice on the Internet.”

Ha ha, “Tom,” you are too funny.

Now I’m sure it wasn’t personal. I’m sure that’s their usual template for warnings about “malicious websites” that just happen to be affiliated with MySpace’s rival companies, like Google’s Blogger service.

So I sent an email to customer service explaining that my personal blog was not a malicious site, did not have trojans, was not a spamming site. What did I get back? An automated form letter explaining how to use THEIR blog (which doesn’t work, by the way – the formatting is screwy). So I sent another email. I got the same automated response back.

Thanks, but no thanks, Tom. You can keep your MySpace.

I announced on the air during Saturday Night 80s why we would not be using MySpace to set up our show page. I will explain it over and over again, and convince as many people as I can to use Facebook and Twitter instead, which are superior social networking sites.


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