I’ve got the munchies

The unemployment rate in California has hit double digits – 10.1%.

But perhaps now some people can get jobs dispensing medical marijuana without worrying about raids.

Light up.

Government is bad?

Let me see if I have this straight.

I’m supposed to not trust the government because it’s big and bad and never gets anything right.

But I’m supposed to have utter, blind faith in the unregulated integrity of mega-corporations because they’re “private”?

Seems to me that big corporations have been a lot more untrustworthy, and done me much more harm, than the government has.

If government getting too big is some kind of horrible evil, then how in the world is it good for corporations and multinational conglomerates to be too big?

Hitler or the Beast

Whenever a galvanizing leader captures the imagination of the American people, he’s either Hitler or the Antichrist.

The bit’s funny. The fact that these two idiots are serious is sad.

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Bobby Jindal = Kenneth from 30 Rock?

I’m apparently not the only one who thought Bobby Jindal’s response to President Obama’s speech came off like an impression of Kenneth from 30 Rock.

Even Fox News thought Jindal bombed.

Obama and McCain, together again

Some left wing commentators engaged in a little “Drudgery” with this, trying to make it seem that McCain was virtually slapping the President in the face.

He wasn’t. He was asking a direct question of the President in an open, honest, forthright environment. And President Obama handled it forthrightly, with humor, and, well, presidentially.

This is what open government is supposed to look like. This is the way it’s supposed to work.

Support for the President

obamaprez The President is enjoying broad support, and most Americans fault the Republicans for the lack of bipartisanship.

President Obama is benefiting from remarkably high levels of optimism and confidence among Americans about his leadership, providing him with substantial political clout as he confronts the nation’s economic challenges and opposition from nearly all Republicans in Congress, according to the latest New York Times/CBS News poll.

A majority of people surveyed in both parties said Mr. Obama was striving to work in a bipartisan way, but most faulted Republicans for their response to the president, saying the party had objected to the $787 billion economic stimulus plan for political reasons. Most said Mr. Obama should pursue the priorities he campaigned on, the poll found, rather than seek middle ground with Republicans.