They laugh while you suffer, Part 34

If there was ever any doubt that giving huge tax breaks to megacorporations means only that CEOs spend it on themselves and not on growing our economy or creating new jobs, witness all those CEOs giving themselves huge bonuses or redecorating their offices with taxpayer bailout money. One would hope that “here endeth the lesson,” but I’m betting the lesson doesn’t end here at all.

Press conferences

I’m really digging that MSNBC and CNN (I don’t know about Fox News since I don’t watch them) are carrying the full daily press conferences with White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs. I’m pretty sure they’ll eventually stop, but it would be cool if they streamed these on in the future. We’ve got the freedom to watch House and Senate proceedings via C-Span, but we should have the opportunity to watch these press conferences live and unfiltered too.

Who’s making money?

Who’s making money these days?


US fast-food giant McDonald’s said Monday its 2008 net profit soared 80 percent from a year, lifted by growing demand from consumers seeking low-cost meals in a deepening global recession.

Don’t hate us cuz we have good weather

For those of you who were getting jealous of southern California because we were having sunny days with highs in the 80s while you were shivering in arctic-like wastelands, don’t worry. The universe is back to normal.

There was hail in east L.A. county last night. And we could be due for some snow closures in the mountains and passes.

Do you feel better now?