The good, the bad, the ugly…

Co-opting the whole good, bad & ugly thing was the Emmy telecast. Absolutely one of the worst awards shows ever. The opening bombed. We were bored. The only bright spots were Don Rickles — who is still just as funny as he ever was — and “Mad Men” winning best drama, deservedly so. And Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert winning awards was satisfying too.

Also I think the ozone layer above L.A.’s Nokia theater collapsed due to fumes from the highest concentration of spray-on tans in the history of humankind.

“House” is back and hates humanity as much as ever, godz love him. “Mad Men” continues to be one of the best shows on TV. “Burn Notice,” a summer favorite you should have watched, ended with an aggravating and explosive cliffhanger. And “Heroes” split our minds with the mother of all plot twists.

And Rachel Maddow, my lesbian crush, beat her mentor (and my mancrush) Keith Olbermann a few times — and beat Larry King on CNN for the week! Go, Rachel!