WaMu boo-boo

It was kind of like a punch in the gut.

I logged on last night to check the latest news before I went to bed, and I see the headlines shouting “BIGGEST BANK FAILURE IN HISTORY,” and I must confess it didn’t register on me at first because, well, we’ve being seeing similar headlines the last few weeks. It all starts to sound like a dull roar, some kind of background noise, after awhile. We’ve become used to the sounds of screaming and we hardly hear it anymore.

But then there was the picture next to the headline — the door of a bank with a familiar logo: WaMu. Hey, that’s MY bank!

Holy crap!

As you can imagine, the 24-hour customer service line was busy. The FDIC, it was said in the news, was assuring customers that all would be normal by this morning. Gee, thanks, but for some odd reason that just doesn’t make me feel any better.

What a strange, strange country this has become over the last 8 years.

Watching TV

The good, the bad, the ugly…

Co-opting the whole good, bad & ugly thing was the Emmy telecast. Absolutely one of the worst awards shows ever. The opening bombed. We were bored. The only bright spots were Don Rickles — who is still just as funny as he ever was — and “Mad Men” winning best drama, deservedly so. And Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert winning awards was satisfying too.

Also I think the ozone layer above L.A.’s Nokia theater collapsed due to fumes from the highest concentration of spray-on tans in the history of humankind.

“House” is back and hates humanity as much as ever, godz love him. “Mad Men” continues to be one of the best shows on TV. “Burn Notice,” a summer favorite you should have watched, ended with an aggravating and explosive cliffhanger. And “Heroes” split our minds with the mother of all plot twists.

And Rachel Maddow, my lesbian crush, beat her mentor (and my mancrush) Keith Olbermann a few times — and beat Larry King on CNN for the week! Go, Rachel!

Congrats, Rachel

Nobody’s going to get in between me and my mancrush Keith Olbermann, but congrats are in order to an extremely deserving individual, Rachel Maddow — whose new MSNBC is not only beating Larry King, the “Old Man and the Sea(NN),” but apparently she’s topped her mentor and lead-in Olbermann!

Couldn’t happen to a nicer person. I’ve been a Rachel fan from her Air America radio show, and while I’ve always thought Randi Rhodes was more entertaining on the air, no one could top Rachel for value of content. But I must say Rachel is much better on TV than on radio, so now that MSNBC made the smart call (at Olbermann’s urging) and gave her her own show, her success is rightfully deserved. Her show is fantastic — snappy, loaded with goodies, has an excellent information-to-entertainment ratio, and I love it when she spars with “Uncle Pat” (Buchanan).

Big kudos, Rachel. If you were straight, I’d stalk you. Seriously. Okay, so who cares if you’re not straight…. Rachel, will you marry me?