Hillary is now endangering the Democratic Party’s majority in the House, all in the name of destroying a candidate who had the audacity of challenging Hillary’s “entitlement” to the nomination.

From AmericaBlog:

As you know, Hillary got her top donors to threaten to pull to pull their support of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC). Basically, 20 top donors wrote Speaker Pelosi and told her that if she doesn’t publicly endorse Hillary’s effort to steal Obama’s elected delegates, they may pull their money from the DCCC. Make no mistake, Hillary was behind yesterday’s letter threatening House Speaker Nancy Pelosi. Your top donors don’t make a public move like that against our more important elected official in the House without Hillary’s approval (and most likely, Hillary’s coordination).

The thing is, Hillary has now moved beyond endangering our race for the White House. She’s now risking our House Majority.