Back in the old days when the Bad Guys were easier to see — they were “evil commies” from the USSR — we heard all the stories about their totalitarian police-state regime, and how political opponents brave enough to speak out — or even think about speaking out — were declared “mentally unstable” and packed away to mental hospitals, never to be heard from again.

If they were lucky.

Looks like current Russian leader Vladimir Putin really wants to go back to those bad old days. Roman Nikolaichik, a politician who has been publicly criticizing Putin has run into a bit of trouble: Authorities tried to fabricate murder charges against him. When that didn’t work, a psychiatrist was called, declared him “mentally unstable,” and packed him off to a mental hospital.

Lucky guy.

What confuses me is that once upon a time, President Bush said he saw into Putin’s “soul,” and that he was a good man. Bush likes to tell us how much he talks to God, so how could he have been wrong? Doesn’t Bush have a hotline to the Almighty? If Bush sees someone’s soul and declares it “good,” isn’t that the same thing as a veritable endorsement by the Most High?

Could God and Bush have been wrong about Pooty-Poot?

Next you’ll be telling me that pro wrestling is… Nah, I can’t even imagine it!