Best. Episode. Ever

Okay, just finished watching Lost. I think out of the several seasons of the show so far, “The Constant” was the best ever of the entire series. Definitely the heaviest sci-fi elements of any episode, with much more clearly and explicitly happening than I’ve come to expect, especially after last season where they seemed to be spinning their wheels.

I read an interview with one of the writers on and he said that tonight’s Lost was an homage to the Star Trek TNG finale “All Good Things.” It most certainly was, and a good one.

Disappointed in Hillary Clinton

I write this as someone who will STILL be content to vote for either Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama in the general election.

I am VERY disappointed in Hillary Clinton’s attacks on Obama the last couple of days. Look, I understand this is politics. You play to win. But now that she has descended to outright personal mockery, I think it’s time to acknowledge that she herself knows it’s almost over for her.

And earlier there was her anger over the campaign literature. She scolded Obama like a schoolmarm, as if her own campaign literature did not distort Obama’s words and positions. Please. Put a sock in it, Hillary.

And then there was the business with the picture.

Enough, Hillary, enough. Crawl away, please. Just crawl away.

Best tapwater… L.A.?

Best tapwater award goes to…

Los Angeles?

Um, not at my house. No, it’s not urine or anything like that, but I wouldn’t give it high marks. There’s a definite taste there that doesn’t quite scream “fresh” at you.

Oh, and it took me 45 minutes to get home.

But at least Daniel Day-Lewis and Diablo Cody (she wrote the script for “Juno“) won Oscars. (And if you haven’t yet seen “There Will Be Blood” and “Juno” yet, what the hell is wrong with you?)

Saturday Night Live with Tina Fey

Yes, I still have a crush on Tina Fey.

Her opening monologue as guest host on the first SNL after the writers strike was probably the funniest bit on the show in a long time (due in no small measure to a cameo by Steve Martin).