Racist idiocy

Why does Michael Savage still have 350 stations on which to spew his racist garbage? If Don Imus lost his job, why is Savage still working?

On The Savage Nation, a caller identified by Michael Savage as “Kojo” asked Savage: “[D]o you know how the AIDS got there [Africa]?” Savage responded: “It got there because it was spread from eating green monkey meat, my friend. If you study the science — but I don’t think you have the capacity to understand science, my dear friend Kojo.” Later, Savage stated: “See, we don’t live in Africa where people settle arguments with machetes. We live in a country where we settle it with arguments. Something you apparently don’t know anything about. … Couldn’t use the machete so his mind went blank. There, that’s what we got. There’s multiculturalism for you. There’s immigration for you. There’s the new America for you. Bring them in by the millions. Bring in 10 million more from Africa. Bring them in with AIDS. Show how multicultural you are. They can’t reason, but bring them in with a machete in their head. Go ahead. Bring them in with machetes in their mind.”

Edwards drops out

John Edwards is dropping out of the race today. According to reports, he’s not going to immediately endorse Clinton or Obama, but he has been seen recently having closed-door meetings with Clinton, most recently after one of the debates.

It’s sad that those most qualified to be president can’t get any traction with voters. Most voters seem to only be attracted to “pizzazz” and “star quality.” That said, Edwards would be a great choice as a VP running mate for either remaining Dem candidate.

Big Oil fat cats bathing in cash

Here’s something I want you to remember every time you drive by the gas station and notice that prices keep getting higher and higher, and as you turn on the news and listen to the oil companies express their sympathy for your plight and shrug their shoulders as they say, “Hey, prices are going up for us too, we can’t help you.”

Big Oil is getting ready to announce another round of record high profits… as in, the highest profits they’ve ever had in history. And it wasn’t that long ago that previous years’ profits were in record territory too.

Shell will be at the centre of a political storm this week when it posts profits of almost $27 Billion, the highest earnings ever made by a British company.

The record-breaking profits, on the back of soaring oil prices, seem likely to stir fresh allegations of profiteering.

Texas-based Exxon Mobil, the world’s largest privately-owned oil company, is expected to improve on its own previous record on Friday by reporting earnings of $39.6 Billion, the biggest annual profits that the US has ever seen.

Where is the sun?

No sun until Tuesday.

And why do people drive even crazier during wet weather? “Hey, now that the roads are slick and slippery, I’m going to suddenly change lanes without warning! Weeee!”