Cecil tried to use his mind control on me

My cat Cecil was staring at me for a full fifteen minutes tonight, obviously trying to use his mind-control powers on me.

“Cecil,” I told him, “trying to control my mind is like trying to drive a car without an engine. Give it up.”

Stop having a good time and get old

From FMQB:

If you are one of millions of fans who are hoping that Led Zeppelin’s one-off reunion gig in London will lead to a full tour, you should probably let go of that dream. Robert Plant tells the U.K.’s Daily Express that it’s not going to happen. “There’ll be one show and that’ll be it,” Plant said. “We need to do one last great show because we’ve done some shows and they’ve been crap.” The surviving members of the band will play at the November tribute concert to Ahmet Ertegun, the late founder of Atlantic Records, who signed Led Zeppelin in 1968. Plant also hinted that his touring days may soon be over. “I know I’m getting on,” he told the Express. “When I do come back from touring I’m shocked to find a lot of my mates tend to be going to bed far too early and that means I should probably be doing the same. Maybe I should stop having a good time and get old.”


Raining in SoCal tonight.

I’m from Florida, and actually taking time out to write, “It’s raining,” would be absolutely ridiculous if I was still there. But here? Haven’t seen any rain, especially not heavy rain, in quite some time.

Ironically, it makes me miss South Florida. I’m realizing now the best times of my life were there.

3 surviving members say Yep to Zep reunion schlep

This is the most joyous news short of Osama bin Laden dying in a plane crash or President Bush drinking a smart drink…

Led Zeppelin is reuniting for a tour. (I’m American, so Led Zeppelin is singular, not plural.)

Yes, you read that right.

This is one of those things I thought I’d never, ever see. Zep again, on the road, wailin’ and bangin’ and squeezin’ lemons till the joice runs down our legs across the globe. Word is that Robert Plant, Jimmy Page and John Paul Jones are in talks this week making plans. I presume Jason Bonham, John’s son, will be filling in on the kit.

The hopes are that the tour will kick off in London in November.

More about the Zep reunion is here.

Little things

He's just a puupy, he doesn't know what day it is!Godz, I hate cliches, but here’s one that’s true: It’s the little things in life that can bring you moments of happiness.

The heat wave finally broke. I took the Mighty Orson out for his walk in the evening and it actually felt chilly. So we got frisky and peed on EVERYTHING. Share the joy.

And on a particularly downer day, a random email wafted into my virtual box and made me smile. That one’s priceless.

Oh, and then there’s winning the lottery.

Okay, only two of those things really happened…

That buttery smell will kill you

Just saw this news item:

The largest U.S. microwave popcorn maker, ConAgra Foods Inc., said Wednesday it will change the recipe for its Orville Redenbacher and Act II brands over the next year to remove a flavoring chemical linked to a lung ailment in popcorn plant workers.

The announcement comes a day after a doctor at a leading lung research hospital said in a warning letter to federal regulators that consumers, not just factory workers, may be in danger from fumes from buttery flavoring in microwave popcorn.

But it smells so good!

More hot

So… It gets hot, the power grid can’t handle it, and then there are blackouts.

It’s like living in a third-world country. It’s not like it’s the year 2007 or anything! It couldn’t be that our power infrastructure was overextended decades ago, and has been overdue for upgrading since then!

So far, the blackouts have skirted around my neighborhood.